Manufacturing - Phil & Lui

How do we manufacture?


To prevent unnecessary emissions, reduce our ecological footprint and secure social standards we have decided to exclusively produce our apparel within the European Union. Except the cotton cultivation all stages of production are executed by our all-in-one producer located in Portugal.

There we work with several regionally located and interwoven companies of which each is responsible for the realization of one single step along the entire manufacturing process.

To make sure that all steps undertaken match our requirements we have repeatedly visited each of the involved companies.

We collaborate hand in hand with these companions and constantly strive for ecological and environmental improvement of our supply chain.

It is our personal desire to realize our manufacturing as close as possible according to the guidelines of the Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS.

This means that we do not only use organic or recycled textiles but also seek the implementation of all stages, such as the knitting of the fabric, the dyeing, the washing, the printing, the manufacturing and the finishing referring to these guidelines.