Sustainability - Phil & Lui

Why we think organic?


Because we care about our environment and want to create something worthwhile and sustainable.

For us this is the beginning and our first step to contribute to a conscious and better place.

Designing, manufacturing and wearing apparel should by no means include that man and nature have to suffer from harmful substances or bad labor conditions.

We feel a personal need to not only ensure good quality but to enforce fair labor conditions, respect for human rights and the protection of our environment.

If we do not reconsider the way we perceive our surrounding and adapt the way we do things we will soon exceed tolerable limits and overstep the bounds of what our world is capable of enduring.

Our moral obligation towards man and nature has now become more than obvious, it has become inevitable.

Our apparel therefore seeks to challenge humankind to give thought to the moral and social consequences of producing and wearing everyday apparel.

What does sustainability mean to us?

In our eyes sustainability is not only the manner in which apparel is produced but something that also has to do with truthfulness.

That is why transparency is of special importance to us. We feel obliged to take personal responsibility in communicating and informing as detailed as possible and share the knowledge we constantly gather.

Only if you have access to what we do and how we do it the production of apparel can be called conscious and sustainable.

Sustainability for us is NOT a choice, NOT a trend, NOT a flagship. 

it´s our BASIC requirement.