Vision | Phil & Lui



It is absolutely essential to us that every collection is inseparably accompanied by a written philosophy.

We do not only want to create designs. We do not just want to leave the carrier with the mere interpretation of the given collection.


WE WANT TO take you on a journey that is told by the details within.

WE WANT TO give you insight on the moods and impressions that lead us to the designs we create.

WE WANT TO challenge the carrier, question the zeitgeist and inspire emotions.

That is why we are always dedicated to create an entire story and message which in the end is visualized in our unique designs.

The label represents an urban, advanced and sustainable lifestyle

– letting the charm of conscious fashion be part of it all. A richness of details that makes every piece unique and thereby individually describes the history of its carrier.

Apparel is an essential element of our everyday life and in this context an actual part of how we experience the world around us.

That is why it is our honest wish to bring to mind the key role and value of apparel as a daily companion. We want to raise the awareness of the carrier and enable him to perceive his own history.

We do clothes that are characterized by their use of forms, their functionality and the wearing comfort they so easily provide. 

Sense things that aren’t obvious at first sight.

Landscape photography by Katjana Frisch